• Cheryl Schickler (Parent)

    I have two very different children. My son (26 now) started with Matt January of his junior year. By the time he took the SAT for the first time in May of his junior year, his friends had taken it three times by then and were done.
    After meeting with my son for the first time, he summed him right up. Intelligent, remembered everything, knew the material.
    But he also knew that Ross was not going to spend anytime other than the time with Matt studying or practicing. So, Matt took a different approach with him. He taught him all of the ins and outs of taking the test and which questions to spend less or more time on.
    Which kinds of questions to guess, and things like that. My son put in "0" effort, got a 1310, went to Tulane, and is now in a PhD program for psychology.
    My daughter (now 23) is a completely different student. I started her with Matt the winter of her sophomore year. She not only needed to know the ins and out of taking the text, she started a year younger and still needed to learn a lot of material. She did everything Matt told her to do. Put in 100% effort. Got a 1330, went to the Newhouse School of Communication, and now works for ESPN.
    I have recommended Matt to anyone and everyone I know including my two nephews and several friends. Don't waste your money with a tutor that teaches all kids the same cookie cutter way. That is the difference with Matt. He works in the best way for each individual child. I hope he's still tutoring when I have grandchildren. Nothing but the best!
  • Dana Dzikowski (Parent)

    Matt's dedication, expertise, and personalized approach tutoring my son significantly boosted his confidence and performance on both his SAT's & ACT's. He really proved to be an excellent match for my son who was diagnosed with ADHD for his SAT preparation. Thanks to Matt's guidance, he made remarkable progress in his test-taking skills and achieved impressive results.
    His teaching style perfectly aligned with my son's learning preferences, making each session engaging and productive. Matt's patience, clear explanations, and ability to adapt to my son's pace created a comfortable and effective learning environment. He tailored the lessons to address my son's specific strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring a targeted and personalized approach.
    Matt's support also extended beyond SAT preparation. He also played a pivotal role in guiding my son through his college essay writing process. His insightful feedback, and attention to detail, helped my son develop an impactful and authentic essay. Matt's commitment to his students' overall success was evident in his willingness to go above and beyond. His dedication to ensuring my son's growth and achievement went the extra mile, demonstrating his genuine care and investment in their academic journey. We're grateful for his expertise not only in standardized testing but also in helping my son present his best self through his college application.
    We're truly grateful for his invaluable support in this important academic journey and look forward to using him again for our daughter this coming fall!
  • Gianluca Zurlo (Student)

    I am writing this testimony to express my
    heartfelt gratitude towards my tutor, Matt Burgdorff. I had the pleasure of
    working with Matt while preparing for numerous standardized tests as well as my
    college essay, and I must say that his advice and assistance have been
    genuinely priceless.
    One aspect that stands out about my experience
    with Matt is his ability to create a safe and comfortable learning environment,
    even through Zoom calls. Matt was able to build a sense of trust and openness
    that allowed me to be vulnerable with my thoughts and feelings despite the
    difficulties of distant learning. Particularly when it came to my college essay, this was crucial. It can be intimidating to write about very personal
    situations, but Matt's sympathetic approach enabled me to get beyond my inhibitions
    and express my emotions. With his help, I was able to express my feelings and
    thoughts in a way that produced an essay that was genuinely a reflection of who
    I am. 
    Matt's expertise extends beyond college
    essays. He also played a pivotal role in my ACT and SAT preparation. His deep
    understanding of these standardized tests and his effective teaching methods
    contributed to a significant improvement in my scores. Matt tailored his
    instruction to my specific needs, providing me with valuable strategies and
    resources that helped me approach the exams with confidence and clarity.
    Furthermore, Matt's assistance with
    supplemental essays for various colleges last fall was instrumental in the
    application process. His insightful teaching strategies and in-depth knowledge
    of these standardized tests helped me significantly raise my test scores. With
    his guidance, I felt more confident and prepared to tackle the supplemental
    essays, ultimately enhancing my chances of admission to my dream schools.
    Future students, as well as their parents,
    will gain a great deal from working with Matt, in my opinion. His ability to
    create a nurturing environment for vulnerability and growth, combined with his
    expertise in college essay writing and test preparation, is a rare find. Matt's
    dedication, patience, and genuine commitment to his students' success make him
    an exceptional tutor. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to have
    worked with him, and I have no doubt that he will continue to positively impact
    the lives of many more students in the future.
  • Garrett Dyson (Student)

    Working with Matt was one of best decisions I made in my college process. I had previously worked with a different tutor on the ACT and scored lower than I was hoping to after lots of hard work. I then decided to switch to working with Matt. From the onset, Matt set a goal for me which at the time seemed like a mountain to climb. We met every week with a plan for each session and worked closely together to quickly pinpoint my strengths and weaknesses. For me, the content of the test was never a big issue.
  • Michelle Almeida (Parent)

    Patient, consistent and experienced...
    "When my daughter needed to prepare for the SAT, I wanted to find a teacher who was patient, consistent and experienced. Matt fit that bill to the letter! He is a wonderful teacher-enthusiastic and approachable. Matt is also extremely reliable-he was always available to discuss my daughters progress and potential.
    Matt would listen closely to everything my daughter said and helped her so much with her college essay and choices of college. He provided us with lots of insight about the whole application process that my daughters guidance counselor and teachers did not mention to us during the many conversations about applying to college.
    Overall, Matt was an amazing resource and I would definitely recommend him to others (I have already)
    Matt's expertise and his strategy guided my daughter to success.

Jodi & Scott Silverstein - Parents

Josh Silverstein - Student

Zachary Silverstein - Student